If I were to find the synonym for humbleness or gentleness in a person whom I have met in recent times, it would probably be this man.
Dharmaraj, or as the natives lovingly (and respectfully) call him, Dharmannan, is a senior member of the Muthuvan tribe who lives in the highlands of Marayoor. If you’re wondering why he’s seen wearing a solid black overcoat, it is just because he loves to wear it and that too, with utmost confidence and pride.

The general belief about the history of the Muthuvans is that they were driven to the hills in the latter part of the 18th century by the Mohammedan invaders. When they left Madura, they carried with them (on their backs, or Mutuku) the idol of Goddess Meenakshi. Some researchers also suggest that they carried their children and belongings on their backs. Whatever the stories may be, it is quite evident that the tribe’s name comes from their history of carrying items on their backs. They are also widely known for their expertise in traditional medicines, which are extremely effective, and the fact that they are kept confidential and passed down through generations makes them much more indigenous.

He has been a crucial role in the setting up of Earth’s Own Farm and is a constant part of the farm’s day-to-day activities.